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Apply for the Japanese Language Education Assistant Program (J-LEAP)

Applications to be a host school for the Japanese Language Education Assistant Program (J-LEAP) are now available online.  This program seeks K-12 Japanese language teachers to apply to become supervisors to young, native Japanese teaching assistants who have studied Japanese language pedagogy.  In addition to receiving a teaching assistant for two years, selected scools will be povided with a $1,000 stipend to purchase teaching materials for the Japanese language classroom. 
Please not that our teaching assistants cannot serve as independent teachers in the classroom.  They are not certified and need to be supervised by a certified teacher.
Please clik on the link below ad scroll down to the J-LEP section.  You will find links to downloadable program prospectus and application on the right.  (Deadline:  all application materials need to be our Seattle office by January 31.)