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ICTFL to Train Teachers to Meet PERA with "TALL-IL" - APPLY NOW!

Under the Illinois School Code, Senate Bill 7, “Performance Evaluation Reform Act” (PERA), Illinois School Districts must adopt guidelines to measure and document student growth as a “significant” part of each teacher’s evaluation process.  To support Illinois foreign language teachers and programs, ICTFL and ACTFL are collaborating through a performance-based assessment model so teachers will know how to demonstrate student growth and document language proficiency.
TALL-IL or "Training for Assessment and Language Learning in Illinois" is a Joint ACTFL/ICTFL Initiative to sponsor a "train the trainer" program in which 3 or more Teacher Leaders from each Illinois Region are trained and then, in turn, train others in their Regions to meet the new Illinois state guidelines.  Consider becoming a part of this exciting initiative by applying to become either a Teacher Leader or a Teacher Participant for TALL-IL.  Details about the initiative, pdfs that describe the benefits and responsibilities of each option as well as a link to the online application forms can be found below.

  • Develop a statewide plan in K-12 world language education to expand on the knowledge and skills of teachers in order to improve teaching and learning.
  • Create an environment in Illinois schools where standards-based curriculum, instruction and assessment in world languages are an integral part of the work that all K-12 world language educators do to improve student achievement and proficiency in one or more languages other than English.
  • Hold a summer institute with ACTFL direct training and provide ongoing support of a leadership cadre of Illinois world language teachers to sustain professional development opportunities through continued state, regional and local efforts.  The focus of the training would be teaching to and measuring/documenting language proficiency and linking to Common Core.
  • Invite 2 Groups – 18 (at least 3 from each Region) selected via application process.  The Teacher Leader group ideally would represent K-12, a diversity of languages taught and have presentation experience.  ICTFL would fully sponsor the ACTFL training of these individuals and the room/board during the Summer Workshop.  In return, they would agree to present one or more trainings in the following calendar year and continue w/the going training and support from ACTFL.
  • Create a second group of 18 Teacher Participants (candidates not chosen, those who want training but not to present, etc.) would complete a portion of the training, but pay a $225 fee for the training and lodging during the Workshop.  There would be no commitment to presenting, but the opportunity would be available.   This second group would offset the cost and potentially double the number of teachers trained.
  • Provide an ACTFL trainer and training materials, inclusive of access to ACTFL Webinars, ongoing conference or “go-to-meeting” style training events monthly.  The Teacher Leader group would reunite for additional coaching during the Fall Conference.
  • Pay for ACTFL trainer expenses, lodging and meals during the Workshop for the 18 Teacher Leaders, host a meeting for them during Fall Conference and provide remuneration for documented training presentations completed in the following school calendar year.
  • The Summer Workshop for Teacher Leaders and Teacher Participants would be July 9-12, 2013 and be held at a Retreat Center in order to provide a “retreat” atmosphere to promote team building and collaboration.

For more details, download the pdfs below that describe the benefits and responsibilities of both the TALL-IL Teacher Leader and TALL-IL Teacher Participant.
If interested, submit the World Language Regional Teacher Leader or Teacher Participant Applications by April 1, 2012.  The application links are below.  Notification will occur no later than April 15.
CLICK HERE to apply to become a Teacher Leader.
CLICK HERE to apply to become a Teacher Participant.