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About Us

The ICTFL Mission Statement
The purposes of the Council are to improve the study and teaching of modern and classical languages and their literatures and cultures at all levels of instruction.
The Vision of ICTFL

  • For all Illinois students to be proficient in a second language, helping them to become world-class learners and global communicators.
  • To offer support and guidance to all those who educate students learning a second language.
  • To find and support new ways to incorporate second language learning in students and education.

The ICTFL Plan

  • Increasing professional competencies of teachers through education programs and in-service training.
  • Providing a framework within which Illinois foreign language organizations can cooperate in improving the quality of learning and teaching.
  • Keeping members informed of current issues and trends so they may become better educators.
  • Encouraging excellence in education through public recognition of outstanding programs and individuals.
  • Cooperating with regional, national and international organizations and agencies whose purposes are compatible with those of I.C.T.F.L.

The ICTFL Constitution
The ICTFL Constitution is available in a downloadable and printable PDF form.  See below.