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It’s Showtime! Spotlight on Core Practices in Language Learning - ICTFL Fall Conference 2016

ICTFL Fall Conference 2016

October 20 - 22 • Tinley Park Convention Center

2016!  What a momentous year it will be!  This is the year which culminates all of our work on the latest teacher evaluation system and on PERA. No Child Left Behind is being replaced with ESSA, the Every Student Succeeds Act.  And it is an election year.  No, we will not be bored!

However, to make sure that does not happen and to help our members continue on their paths of excellence, ICTFL will continue its tradition of superior professional development opportunities.  At the end of February, "Stamp Your Passport with Proficiency" is our WinterFest/WinterFLES theme.  The summer will bring more OPI trainings.  In September there will be a back-to-school workshop with Helena Curtain.  And Toni Theisen, another highly acclaimed world language expert, will be here with us for our Fall Conference 2016. 

So, plan now to attend many of ICTFL’s fine professional development events, including “It’s Showtime!  Spotlight on Core Practices in Language Learning” at the Tinley Park Convention Center on October 20-22, 2016.

Our Fall Conference '16 co-chairs are Kathryn Wolfkiel of Barrington High School and Jane Swisher of District 67.  Already, they have begun their work and enthusiastically invite you to share your expertise by submitting a session proposal or to join the '16 Conference Committee.

Jane Swisher, 2016 ICTFL Fall Conference Co-Chair

Jane Swisher is a National Board Certified Spanish teacher at Deerpath Middle School, District 67 in Lake Forest.  She has taught for 38 years in both the United States and overseas.  A member of ICTFL, she was one of the original TALL-IL Teacher-Leaders and is an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) training alumni.   Jane was recently selected by ICTFL to attend the first ACTFL sponsored LILL Conference in the summer, 2015.   She applauds the new focus on proficiency in many schools and frequently attends conferences and workshops both as a participant and a presenter.