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“Packing the Essentials: The Journey to Professional Success” - ICTFL Fall Conference 2015



 ICTFL Fall Conference 2015

October 15 - 17 • Tinley Park Convention Center


Program Information


Last year’s Fall Conference took on a decidedly different look; instead of 80 sessions of one-hour duration, we offered 32 workshops of two-and-a-half hours, which included a presentation followed by time for audience reflection and creation of a “product” based on the presentation’s topic. 

Feedback from our members was split nearly equally between those who “loved” the format and those who did not.  For this reason, since we pride ourselves on responding to the needs of our members, we will be offering a “hybrid” schedule this year.  This will be a combination of the two formats.

"Packing the Essentials: The Journey to Professional Success," October 16-17, will offer both one-hour sessions and two-hour workshops aligned with Danielson's Domains (Planning & Preparation, Classroom Environment, Instruction, and Professional Responsibilities) in order to make it easier for teachers to appropriately list their PDs on their own schools' evaluation instruments and on ISBE's licensing forms. There will be presentations applicable to early language learners (FLES) through AP. A wide variety of "techie tools" will be discussed. Early career teachers will be able to get pointers on how to survive an interview. Best practices will be in the forefront, including presentations on proficiency, modes of communication, the 90% classroom, interculturality, IPAs, and more.

And, of course, we cannot leave out the "fun factor." Friday evening, we are planning a world language related trivia night so get a team together and be sure to join in this friendly competition.

The following is the current list of session and workshop titles, alphabetized by Presenter.  2-Hour application Workshops are also identified.  ICTFL both thanks all that submitted sessions and congratulates those whose sessions and workshops were selected.  Without you, our Fall Conference would not be a reality.  To thank our presenters for their time, effort and expertise, ICTFL will provide each one with a FREE one-year ICTFL membership.    Keep checking the ICTFL website for the draft of the scheduling grid and the registration form.


Incorporating Technology in Elementary FLES Programs

 Danyell Alger, Dunlap CUSD #323


Supporting Authentic Language With Engaging Tech Tools

Angie Behm & Kelsey Fletcher-Broucek, Bolingbrook HS


Integrating Technology for FLES

Mary Benitez, Science & Arts Academy


Building the Foundation for Students’ Interpersonal Success

Talia BlocK, Kim Karlin & Jodi Yost, Northbrook/Glenview District 30


Keeping Students in the Target Language

Talia BlocK, Northbrook Wescott School


Yes, We Can. Unpacking the Can-Do Statements

Todd Bowen, Niles Township HS District 219


Interviewing in World Languages

Todd Bowen, Niles Township HS District 219


Strategies for Improving and Assessing Interpersonal Speaking

Brittany Bray & Marty Ambrey, Mundelein HS District 120


World Literature in the Teaching of French

Pompilia Burcica,  Urbana HS


Teaching At-Risk Students in High-Needs Schools: A Roundtable

Michael Camp, Rich Central HS; Samantha Godden-Chmielowicz, Kimberly Yee, CPS


You Have the Technology, Learn How to Use It!

Kristin Chase & Kathleen Rupert, LaGrange District 105


Share My Lesson - A Must Join Professional Community

Amanda Chelepis, Bremen HS


Technology for Curriculum Writing: An Organizational Necessity

Heather Cherney, Northbrook Glenview District 30


Engaging and Motivating All Learners

Rachel Connell, Vista Higher Learning


When, How, Use Handouts, PowerPoint Presentations, and Posters in the Language Classroom

Heidy Cuervo Carruthers, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


Performance Tasks: Mixing Culture with Language

Robert Cummings, Glenbrook North HS


Survey of Hispanic and Francophone Cultures through Literature

Evelyne Delgado-Norris & Virginia Shen, Chicago State University


AP Strategies from the Island of Misfit Toys

Elaine Diveley, Plainfield East HS & Erin Gibbons, Richmond-Burton Community HS


Student-driven Curriculum to Engage Low-level Heritage Speakers

Nancy Domínguez & Gabriela Perez, Valley View School District- Bolingbrook HS


Coaching for Performance: Moving Students from Novice to Intermediate  (2 hr Workshop)

Linda Egnatz, Lincoln-Way North HS


Focus on Interculturality: Embedding Culture through Story to Build Proficiency  (2 hr Workshop)

Linda Egnatz, Lincoln-Way North HS


The Global Generation: The Importance of Global Thinking and Local Engagement

Emily Erickson-Betz & Nicole Frampton, Rock Falls Township HS District #301


Bridging the Gap: Turning Novices into Intermediates   (2 hr Workshop)

Ellen Ericson, Mahomet-Seymour HS


Understanding Perspective: La Alhambra? Or YOU choose!   (2 hr Workshop)

Jenna Finch, Urbana HS


Meeting Instructional Challenges with a Global Challenges Unit  (2 hr Workshop)

Jenna Finch, Urbana HS


Enhancing Language Instruction through the Use of 1:1 Technology

Kirsten Keeley Fletcher, Elk Grove HS #214 & Sara Kahle Ruiz, Rolling Meadows HS #214


Advanced Placement Activities Scaffolded Across Languages and Levels

Laurence Forberg, Jessica Mauritzen & Jill McGrath, Riverside Brookfield HS


Flip It...Flip It Good!    (2 Hr Workshop)

Erin Gibbons, Richmond-Burton Community HS


Incorporating Technology to Make Cultural Connections

Caroline Gully, Mundelein HS


Intro to OPI

Kellye Guzik, Glenbrook North HS


Teaching Fifth Year Without a Textbook

Annahi Hart, Glenbrook North HS


Music Improvisation and Language Learning

Ted Holtz, Bernotas Middle School


I Like to Move It Move It...Incorporating Movement in the Classroom

Kristen Kaczmarek, Bremen High School District 228


Practical Ideas For World Language Students With Special Needs

Todd Keeler, Glenbrook North HS



GlobalFest 2015: Linked by Culture and Language

Waunita Kinoshita, Parkland College & Julia Mullikin,Herscher HS


Stamping Students’ Passports to Proficiency Using AP Themes   (2 Hr Workshop)

Joanna Kotecki, emerita & Michael Camp, Rich Central HS


Building Proficiency 365

Beth Leidolf, York Community HS


Working Out the Core with the Core Essentials

Margarita Levasseur & Noemi Terazzas , Bloom Township HS District 206


A French Teacher’s Journey toward Professional Success

Lynda Lopez & Martha Behlow, AATF


How to conquer the portfolio requirement!

Kathy Lott, Westmont HS


Sharing the Wheel

Sabrina Maggio, Marist HS


Invitation au voyage: Virtual Travel Activities for French

J. Debbie Mann, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


Formative Assessment Strategies for the Foreign Language Classroom

Liz Martinez, Lyons Township HS


Achieving National Board Certification

Jill McGrath, Jessica Mauritzen & Laurence Forberg, Riverside Brookfield HS

Popular and Folk Music to Teach Foreign Language

Josh Morrel, Glenbrook North HS


Using “Yabla” to Enhance Foreign Language Instruction

Andrea Olszta & Maribel Díaz, Reed-Custer HS


Teaching Literature in the Foreign Language Classroom

Jenna Osburn & Margarita Acevedo, Riverside Brookfield HS


Maintaining Your Proficiency

Michelle Parada, Homewood-Flossmoor HS


What is an IPA? Why use one?    (2 Hr Workshop)

Tonya Piscitello & Mercedes Lopez, New Trier HS


Grouping Treats for Your Bag of Tricks

Ryan Rockaitis & Mercedes Koch, Deerfield HS


Speaking Treats for Your Bag of Tricks   (2 hr Workshop)

Ryan Rockaitis & Mercedes Koch, Deerfield HS


HS Students Teach Foreign Language To Elementary Students

Brad Salley, Hiawatha HS


Using Don Quijote to Enrich Your High School Class

Brad Salley, Hiawatha HS


Successful iPad Technology Integration without Sacrificing Target Language

Leigh M. Sapp, Prospect HS District 214


Lesson Planning for Proficiency for FLES Teachers    (2 hr Workshop)

Valerie Shull, Rogers Park Montessori School


Best Practices in World Language Teaching: The Recap

Valerie Shull, Rogers Park Montessori School


À bientôt: Enhancing Classroom Learning with Student Travel

Jennifer Sigman, Oswego HS


PERA in a Multi-modal Proficiency Classroom  (2-hr Workshop)

Kerri Simons, New Trier HS


“Walk on the Wild Side”, Try an IPA (Integrated Performance Assessment)

Jane Swisher & Gloria Maliszewski, District 67 Lake Forest


Bullseye: Dozens of Ways to Hit the 90% Target

Carrie Toth, Carlyle HS


Creating Input Activities in the Target Language

Emilie Walk, Monticello HS CUSD #25


Maximizing Communicative Competency in the Classroom

Yinshun Wang, Illinois Math and Science Academy


Comparaciones culturales con recursos auténticos

Blair Winter, Mundelein HS


Google Classroom

Kimberly Yee, Chicago Public Schools


Reise durch den zeitgenössischen deutschen Film!   (2 Hr Workshop)

Ingrid Zeller, Northwestern University, Department of German


Community and Collaboration: Learning Adventures Beyond the Classroom

Ingrid Zeller, Northwestern University, Department of German