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Professional Development

To receive ISBE Professional Development for attending a workshop, conference, seminar, etc. sponsored by ICTFL or one of its designated Affiliates, please complete your ISBE Evaluation for the event.

To receive ISBE Professional Development for presenting at a workshop, conference, seminar, etc. sponsored by ICTFL or one of its designated Affiliates, please complete your ISBE Educator/Presenter Request to Receive Professional Development Hours form in addtion to the ISBE Evaluation form above.


Listed below are opportunities to grow professionally and enhance your students' classroom learning experience.  You'll find conferences, workshops, study programs and travel opportunities designed to increase your knowledge and teaching skills as well as to enrich your classroom.  Additional postings are welcome; click on the CONTACT tab and let ICTFL know about your Professional Development opportunity.


ICTFL Summer Teacher Professional Development Tour to Argentina, Uruguay & Brazil.   Travel while you learn and earn PD hours! LEARN MORE.

ICTFL 2018 Fall Conference "EXPLORE MORE OF THE CORE"  -  October 26 - 27 • NIU Naperville Conference Center

Selection Criteria: ICTFL is committed to offering conference sessions that are current and are presented in a professional manner.  ICTFL endeavors to provide professional development that produces credit toward the renewal of teaching licenses.  The committee is seeking a balanced program on the teaching of classical and modern languages, including heritage languages, as well as professional concerns of language educators.  Special consideration will be given to proposals emphasizing the practical application (specifically the “how-to-do-it”) of the Core Practices emphasized at the 2017 Fall Conference.  These were 90% in Target, Grammar in Context, and Feedback.  SUBMIT YOUR SESSION HERE.


ICTFL WINTERFEST 2018 -   “Proficiency GO!  How to Power Up and Evolve Your Classroom”


What will this workshop provide?    Information and hands-on experience to help create an Integrated Performance Assessment that mimes a real-life situation, motivates your students, and provides valuable feedback for your world language program.  We will provide a basic review of all of the terms of an integrated assessment, analyze and provide samples of the essential components----the interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational assessments, and provide rubrics that you can use to evaluate your students in each area.  Finally, we want to help you begin to write your own integrated assessment so start thinking of a unit exam that you would like to toss.  LEARN MORE and REGISTER.


This year, ICTFL offers members for the first time, two 2018 dates (June and August) this summer to particpate in ACTFL Modified Oral Proficiency Interview Training (MOPI).  This two-day training provides in depth understanding of language proficiency levels and training on how to identify those levels through Oral Proficiency Interviews.  Check your ICTFL E-Blasts for upcoming announcements.



National Board Teacher Certification - Become a National Board Certified Teacher.  The Board currently offers certification in World Languages Other than English and in French and Spanish but will be expanding to make this valuable training available to teachers of all languages.  For local Illinois support contact Illinois National Board Professional Preparation and Support System.


ACTFL Professional Development Workshops - The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages offers a wide variety of seminars and workshops, including onsite options.  Some of these workshops are also held in tandem with their annual Conference in November.


CARLA - Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition, University of Minnesota - offers a number of resources, publications and classes for language educators.


CLEAR - Technology Workshops - Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 


Cemanahuac Educational Community - Each summer Cemanahuac offers stimulating seminars for educators, on a variety of topics of interest to teachers who want to bring the culture of Mexico into their classrooms and improve their Spanish for use with their students and their families. Many seminars are available for graduate academic credit.  ICTFL offers an annual scholarship to Cemanahuac.  See Awards for details.


Concordia Language Villages - Bemidji, Minnesota - Summer Teacher Seminars

When you enroll in our seminar on Second Language and Immersion Methodologies, you’ll join a community of language educators to discuss current methods of teaching a second language. Guided by expert instructors, you’ll draw on your own experiences to enhance the discussions and understandings.


Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching Program - Fullbright offers teaching abroad and exchange programs for teachers.


ACTFL - 2015 Annual Convention and World Languages Expo - "Inspire.  Engage.  Transform."  - November 20-22, 2015 -  San Diego, CA